***Due to travel warnings and restrictions put in place by the U.S., other countries, and at Cal艺术s, due to COVID-19, the 学生体验办公 和 the Patty Disney Center for Life & Work have decided to pause on awarding funds for any future student travel from Wednesday, March 11th through the end of 2020. This includes the 学生旅游奖学金计划学生旅游补助.

如果学生打算旅行,并想对外部资金的机会,如拨款申请咨询,请联络在贝利爽 bcool@pg真人电子平台.edu我们感谢您的理解。


Current students may apply for a Center for Life & Work 旅费补助 to fund travel expenses incurred during creative or academic pursuits and projects, or to support the success of the student’s experience in their program. Travel funds can include airfare, transportation, lodging, and any entrance or registration fees. Travel can occur any time throughout the year 和 grants will be distributed through reimbursement, based on the amount approved through the application. Awards range between $100 - $300.



学生可以申请奖学金,单独($ 1000- $ 2000)或作为协作组($ 2000- $ 4000),以基金的机会出国增强学术和创造性的追求。这包括旅游研究收藏,会议,演出,或居住在国外的程序,或者体验专门培训,研讨会和空间,以提高技能和观点。旅游基金可以包括机票,交通,住宿,以及任何入口或登记费。